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Varinder Sahi
April 7, 2020 | Varinder Sahi

Halibut with Saffron Beurre Blanc | Recipe from Varinder Sahi

As a winemaker, he is always striving to strike a balance in wine acidity, alcohol, fruit concentration and tannins. When everything is in harmony, we’re all well-fed happy campers. A more classic version of beurre blanc uses white wine vinegar and cream with shallots at its base. We like a racy version that uses fresh lemon juice as the acid and rich grass-fed butter as the fat. These ingredients along with a dry white wine and aromatic saffron threads create an emulsification that is both luxurious and flavor-packed. We choose to bathe an oven-roasted halibut in this delicious sauce. Try it and you won’t regret it!

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Sarah Boone
April 3, 2020 | Sarah Boone

Grenache loves Pizza!

Grenache loves pizza! It's been tried, tested and we completely agree. We're down to the last few cases of our 2016 The Pope (100% grenache), and pizza is a great shelter-at-home dinner!

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Anita Sahi
March 31, 2020 | Anita Sahi

Beet Salad | Recipe from Anita Sahi

Recently, Sarah, our hospitality manager ventured out to templeton, where our prized local farmer’s market takes place every week. There was something so comforting about knowing that, while we are all sheltering in place during the corona virus outbreak, that we still have access to fresh and healthy produce. What’s more is that we can support our local farmers during this time when industry has all but halted. Sarah picked us up some delicious red and golden beets. I went to work immediately on a refreshing, crunchy salad that would end up being an accompaniment to a roasted sockeye salmon.

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Anita and Varinder Sahi
March 24, 2020 | Anita and Varinder Sahi

Indian Goat Curry | Recipe from the Sahi Family

We recently made a meaty goat curry that had a soupy broth, mild warming spices and big flavor. We were feeling like going big, so we paired it with our 2016 Cure Reserve Syrah (L'Aventure and Copia Estate Vineyards), which is juicy, rich and big on fruit. 

The recipe is included here for you to enjoy. Stay positive, stay safe and support small businesses whenever possible. We will be in touch throughout the next few weeks with some additional offers and recipes.

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