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Hospitality Manager


Sarah (Boone) Walter leads the hospitality team at Copia Vineyards and Winery as our Hospitality Manager. She oversees all aspects of the tasting room, wine club, guest house and special events.  

Early in life, curiosity and travel started Sarah on the path to being involved in the world of wine. Growing up in the UK, she has fond memories of the time she spent with her parents in the south of France and Spain. It exposed her to wine culture at an early and impressionable age. She may not have understood all the intricacies of fine winemaking, but her interest and curiosity were piqued. At the age of 9, Sarah and her parents moved across seas to Massachusetts. In 2011, she attended Berklee College of Music and studied Music Business Management and Marketing, (skills that would later be useful in her work with wineries). It was during this time at college that her parents moved to the Central Coast of California.

During her first visit, Sarah became enamored by the landscape, people, vineyards, and most importantly, the exceptional wine being produced here. The Central Coast was simply heaven on earth to her; the more she came to visit, the more time she wanted to spend here and pursue a career in what was and is a booming wine industry. In 2015, she took the plunge and moved out to San Luis Obispo to fulfill her dream.

Sarah gained valuable experience in managing tasting rooms and winery marketing up and down the coast, including Sans Liege and Stephen Ross, San Luis Obispo Coast Wine Collective and as Jada Vineyard and Winery’s Wine Club Director and Tasting Room Manager. Her appreciation for fine wine and warm hospitality grew with each experience.

Sarah is an integral part of everything we do and to put it simply, she drinks our kind of Kool-Aid. It's been eight years since she made the journey to the Central Coast, settled in Paso Robles, decided Syrah was her favorite jam, and became a part of a passionate community of wine industry professionals. We’re so glad she did. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys life outdoors as an avid gardener, cook and backpacker with her husband Sean Walter and their pup Lucy.


To beg at the door of the Winehouse is a wonderful alchemy. If you practice this, soon you will be converting dust into gold." - Hafiz