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Life's path is seldom straight. You move forward, then back, then side-to-side and somehow, forward again. For us, it all started in Chicago and Indianapolis, when hours of getting to know one another turned into years. There was a shy glass of Provençal rosé, which led to a serious Grand Cru from Burgundy, that then took us to an opulent line-up of wines from Booker Vineyard. And that was all in 2015! When we found ourselves in Paso Robles at the end of that year, we looked at each other and said, "Now that's what's up." No matter what came before, or how it all unfolded, it was momentous. There can be a million reasons to not do something, but in the end, there only needs to be one powerful reason to move forward. It simply feels right. It's kismet. In 2015, our paths converged, we traveled to Paso Robles and we have not looked back since.  


The running leaps we have taken since those first moments in Paso have lead us to COPIA. We desired to make the very best wine we could from the very best grapes we could find and grow. We found our special place in 2017: Fifty acres of paradise-on-earth in the Willow Creek District that made us both feel that we were coming home. Breathtakingly beautiful slopes, calcareous soils and strong marine influence made it an ideal site for us to plant our vineyard in 2019. We feel that this is a very special place and it is going to allow us to produce the kind of world-class wine that we are passionate about. And until these babies can produce fruit, we are sourcing grapes from spectacular vineyards in and around Paso Robles and Santa Barbara.


This could be a lucid dream, but the wine stains on our hands make it all too real. Heartstrong and headstrong, we continue to leap into the future. We've got a few vintages and harvests under our belts and we could not be more grateful for all of the people that have helped us along the way. Family. Eric. Pete. Booker Vineyard. The Denner crew. The great people and wine community of Paso Robles. We love you all. If this is a lucid dream ... then we'll stay sleeping.
Thanks for sharing in our journey,

Anita + Varinder 
"Take sips of this pure wine being poured. Don't mind that you've been given a dirty cup." - Rumi