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Sarah Walter
May 17, 2023 | Sarah Walter

A New Way to Taste Copia Wines


A brand new estate location to experience Copia wines!

At Copia, just as the 2022 harvest frenzy heightened, we put our nose to the grindstone to find and develop a new winemaking home! Enter Copia’s Adelaida District Estate located at 5076 Mustard Creek Road in Paso Robles.

Anita, Varinder and the entire team at Copia have been working hard to create a lux oasis for you to enjoy. As we continue the work of developing the outdoor areas and vineyard, we are ready to welcome you for wine tasting experiences! Our signature wine flight of premium wines is paired with a curated collection of artisanal cheeses and charcuterie. To start, we have availability on Thursday-Sunday with plans to add-on more days and more experiences in summer.


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