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Sarah Walter
September 27, 2023 | Sarah Walter

Wine Club | Fall Release 2023

There is a very specific type of satisfaction that one has when it comes to pride in one’s children. It’s a faraway look of fulfillment, perhaps a bit restrained in its desire to be humble. In the case of Copia’s Willow Creek Estate, our children are 38,300 vines, raised to meet the world in 2021. You just can’t help letting a bit of that unadulterated joy escape out into the world. You know that what you helped to create is something so very special. First crops are like first children: They represent new beginnings, hopes, and dreams.
The pure happiness that arises from being able to present wines crafted from our inaugural estate harvest is boundless. It was an impressive season culminating with the first fruit being picked on September 8, 2021. This is the very land where infant vines were placed in the ground by our Sahi Family elders and it is the land that feeds this passion to make singular wines of site. The previous years of tireless work in developing this special vineyard showed in fruit quality. Berries were small and concentrated, while overall yields were tapered. 2021 is a vintage for the books for Copia. Just over two weeks ago, we received our highest overall critical ratings to date.
As with all wines, we can draw comparisons to our predecessors – the great winemakers of great wine regions of the world steeped in rich history and tradition. With the first reviews on these wines, the critic Jeb Dunnuck certainly paid us the ultimate compliment for 2021 The Story Grenache: “It will compete with some of the top Chateauneuf du Papes out there.” But, what really strikes us is the reason why we chose to take root here above any other place. Paso Robles is where we call home. Paso has the largest calcareous-based soil formation and the largest diurnal temperature change in all of California, contributing to amazing concentration in our fruit and ability to retain acidity. These factors are only part of the reason we’re here. But the true factor that makes this wine special is the beautiful community of people that have lifted us up and supported us throughout our journey. Winemakers, team members, restaurateurs, friends, and most importantly, you, our members. This is what makes the wine that you enjoy distinctly Paso Robles.
Thank you for your support of our journey and we hope you enjoy the stories within every Copia bottle as you write a few of your own.
With gratitude,
Anita and Varinder, Sarah and the Copia Team


Question: Can I customize my selections?
Answer: Yes, here’s how!
1. Login with your username and password (if you've never logged in, your email address will be your username, and you'll need to select "forgot password" to create one for the first time).
2. Hover over your profile name and use the drop-down menu to navigate to your member dashboard.
3. Select "Club List" then "Edit Club".
4. Here, you'll be able to make changes to your billing information, delivery preferences, and importantly, customize your shipment! If you opt to not login, you will receive our winemaker's selection, detailed below.
5. Be sure to click "Submit" to save your customization and changes.
6. The hard work is done! Pour yourself a glass of wine. You deserve it.


OCT 2: WINE SELECTION CLOSES. This is the last day to make any changes to your account, including; wine selection, billing information, shipping address, preferences or shipping date. 
OCT 3: YOUR ORDER WILL PROCESS. The card we have on file will be charged.
SHIP-TO MEMBERS ONLY | OCT 23: YOUR ORDER WILL SHIP (weather and temperature permitting). By default we ship via UPS Ground. If you prefer GSO or Fedex, please email before Oct 2 and let us know. Copia is not responsible for any additional charges incurred during shipping, including; redirects, address changes or returned shipments. These additional costs will be charged to your card on file.
PICK-UP MEMBERS ONLY | OCT 30: YOUR WINE WILL BE AVAILABLE IN THE TASTING ROOM. You will not be able to make substitutions at the time you pick up your order, please make sure your order is customized by October 2nd. If you are attending our pick-up party or brunch on October 28 and October 29 and have your preferences set to "pick-up," we will have your wine ready for pick-up at the events! Please note, if your preferences are set to ship, and you are attending the party too, you need to update your account to pick-up. If you can't join us, your wine will be at the tasting room and be available for pick-up starting October 30 through the end of January 2024. All shipments that are not picked up after January 2024 will be shipped out to your address on file (shipping charges will apply).


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