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Sarah Walter
February 7, 2020 | Press | Sarah Walter

Paso Robles: A Wine Community Unlike Any Other

"Newcomers Anita and Varinder Sahi of Copia Vineyards and Winery say they were drawn to the region by the character of its winemaking community. “It’s Paso’s biggest advantage,” says Anita, “and there is no other place like it.” After time spent in Paso as students and then interning at a local winery, the couple put down roots and purchased a property in 2017. The support and encouragement of their new neighbors has been heartwarming for the Sahis. “Winemakers here have a maverick spirit, take their craft — but not themselves — too seriously, and have hearts of gold,” she says. “Everyone is supportive of one another and knows that if each individual succeeds, then this very special wine region will continue to succeed.” " - Lisa Denning, Grape Collective



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