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Sarah Walter
May 12, 2020 | Recipes | Sarah Walter

Strawberry Bakewell Tart | Recipe by Sarah Boone

This recipe sings summer to me. Being from the UK, a bakewell tart is a summer staple – a delicious concoction of sweet shortcrust pastry, fruit, jam, frangipane (a chewy French almond filling) and topped with sliced almonds.  It’s a show stopper piece that can be made with just about any fruit and jam you like, or have on hand. Strawberries from our local farmer’s market have been delicious lately, I recommend making this with whatever fruit is in season at the time … strawberries, plums, and cherries to name a few. This tart is best served at room temp, so pack it up for your next picnic or backyard BBQ. A classic bakewell is finished with a sprinkling of confectioners sugar, this part in my opinion is optional, and I actually prefer it without!  
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