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Anita Sahi
April 21, 2020 | Miscellaneous | Anita Sahi

All About Sarah

Howdy folks,

There was a time when I (Anita) went on my first "real" interview. It wasn't my first job. It was the first job I really wanted. Years ago, I sat across what felt like a firing squad of Midwest restaurant leaders at Harry Caray's Restaurant Group in Chicago. I'd never sat through a "panel interview" before. They shot out questions about public relations, operations, hospitality and .... The Chicago Cubs (check out their website to know why). I came with all the bravado of being in my young 20s, so I answered everything - right or wrong - with confidence. I was never so scared or exhilarated in my life. I do remember two things replaying in my mind. Call it three things, actually, because I also kept having the frenetic thought of grabbing a giant cocktail after the interview was over. I knew: "#1: These people are completely crazy," and "#2: They are my kind of crazy people."

When you meet "your people," it's a very special moment. We think about that in this time of preparing for whatever the "new normal" is. Back in April 2019, Varinder and I interviewed someone who felt like our kind of person. Backpacker. Gardener. A cook's cook. Dog momma. Nature lover. Partner-in-crime to Sean. And most importantly, Syrah lover. These are all words that describe our hospitality manager, Sarah Boone. Some of you know her and some of you will hopefully meet her soon. She has her hands in just about everything that we do at Copia Vineyards. And whatever we do, we do it together. She works hard at communicating with the community, fulfilling online/phone orders, fostering industry relationships and taking care of any and all club requests. You can train an individual on any number of industry-specific tasks. But you can't train someone to have amazing work ethic, integrity and professionalism. It just has to be inside of you. And more than all that, she's a genuinely kindhearted person. Ever need anything? You can always reach out to us or Sarah.  

And now let's dive in! Sit back and enjoy the culinary, musical and literary stylings of the inimitable Sarah L. Boone.

Sarah's Eats and Drink
Chicken and Chorizo Paella and Copia's The Source

Sarah's Jams

Sarah's Read
The Great Alone: Walking the Pacific Crest Trail by Tim Voors
Excerpt: Read a letter the author wrote to his children here


Incidentally, when I got that job at Harry Caray's, I also received a lot more. It's been a lasting friendship. We're so proud to announce that this year, Harry Caray's became the very first restaurant outside of California to carry Copia wine. Just as soon as people get back to the business of being open, I encourage you all to visit one of their locations for a true taste of Chicago and sports history.

Let's stay connected: Need wine or have a fun story to share of your own?
Drop us note sometime by emailing or calling (805) 835-6094. 

Anita Sahi

"A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself."
- Oprah Winfrey


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