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Anita Sahi
October 21, 2021 | Anita Sahi

Fall 2021 | Wine Club Party

 What a blast we had with these very special people: Copia Vineyards club members. Your support and passion for our wine allows us to do what we love every day. And just look at all of your flamenco moves 😍 THANK YOU. 

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Anita Sahi
September 27, 2021 | Anita Sahi

Bordeaux Pick

Today’s pick is Copia Vineyard's estate Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot! It’s the first of our estate Bordeaux varietals and we’re excited beyond belief. 

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Anita Sahi
September 20, 2021 | Anita Sahi

Estate Grenache

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Anita Sahi
September 9, 2021 | Anita Sahi

Indian Women in Wine Blaze a Trail in California

Local Journalist Mira Advani Honeycutt meets six women of Indian descent who are making a mark in an industry dominated by men. We're honored to have our own Anita Sahi profiled among such a distinguished group of female trailblazers!

Anita Sahi and husband, Varinder pictured among the vines at Copia Vineyards

Excerpt: "ANITA SAHI, Proprietor/General Manager, Copia Vineyards, Paso Robles 

Born and raised in the Chicago area, Anita Kothari was drawn to all things culinary at a young age. From her stints in television and with public relations firms, she transitioned to the restaurant industry working with such luminaries as New ork’s restaurateur Drew Nierporent where her true wine education began, helping her to develop a sophisticated palate. “To be able to orchestrate dinners using a Wine Spectator Grand Award winning wine cellar that is 20,000-plus bottles deep was a privilege,” recalled Anita."

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Visit Sommelier India Magazine.

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Sarah Walter
September 8, 2021 | Sarah Walter

Estate Syrah

Copia’s First Estate Harvest Ever! Syrah blocks came off the vine today. Culmination of a longtime dream and a lot of hard work. 

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Sarah Walter
September 7, 2021 | Sarah Walter

The Copia Vineyards 2021 Club Release is Here!



adjective [usually before noun]
used to describe a situation that has a lot of risk and in which
someone is likely to either get or lose an advantage -Cambridge Dictionary
In the high-stakes game of life, what's a good story without all the twists, turns, highs and lows? I believe we can all call this the spice of life. And when you leave the past behind to go "all in" on your future, it can get very, very spicy.
We started our journey in 2016 as two bright-eyed harvest interns, full of different life experiences outside of winemaking and are now the stewards of a beautiful vineyard estate all our own. When you have a full life filled with professional successes, why begin anew? Why gather all of your chips in front of you and push them into the future? In the quiet of twilight at the Copia Estate Vineyard, Varinder and I occasionally get a moment to reflect on this very question. 
We two, self-proclaimed wine mavericks, are now in our third leaf at the vineyard, working our sixth harvest together and releasing our fourth vintage of Copia wine to you. The journey is beautifully tricky, unexpected at times and food for our passion. If you want to accomplish anything in life, we tell ourselves, it will naturally take sacrifice and undying focus. Copia is our baby and in those early days, before there was a tasting room or a team member, Varinder and I picked up the phone, pounded the pavement and sent out emails to one and all. For us, succeeding in our dream of creating premium, small-lot wine is an actively chosen, all-consuming one. Quite simply, the answer to our question of "Why do this?" is that the risk is worth the reward.
Part of that reward is being able to share the next release of Copia wines with you, our treasured club members, before anyone else. With great pride, it's time for us to reveal the 2019 reds and our 2020 white and rosé! The 2019 vintage is made with the ingredients of more experience, brilliant fruit sources (including 9 different Syrah sites) and a gentle growing season allowing for longer hang time on the vine. There was a beautiful balance between sugar and acid at pick time, which was a couple of weeks later than the previous vintage. Mother nature spared us any major curve balls, the conditions were near perfect and the grapes were positively singing. What results are wines of concentration, rich color and complexity. Many are saying that this is one of Paso Robles' finest vintages to date and we would agree.
Classic members will be receiving a shipment of 6 bottles and Premium members will be receiving a shipment of 12 bottles - all detailed below. 
The Copia story continues and we will always remember sharing it with you, one-by-one. As always, you have our eternal gratitude for your enthusiastic support of Copia wines.
Cheers to going "all in" on life,
Anita and Varinder Sahi and the Entire Copia Vineyards Team


SEPT 24: WINE SELECTION CLOSES. This is the last day to make any changes to your account, including; wine selection, billing information, shipping address or shipping date. 
SEPT 28: YOUR ORDER WILL PROCESS. The card we have on file will be charged.
OCT 10: YOUR ORDER IS READY FOR PICK UP AT TASTING ROOM (pick-up members only; during business hours).
OCT 11: YOUR ORDER WILL SHIP (ship-to members only; weather permitting). By default we ship via UPS Ground, if you prefer GSO or Fedex, please email and let us know.


2020 White
2020 Rosé
2019 The Story
2019 The Cure x2
2019 The Source
before taxes and shipping
2020 White x2
2020 Rosé x2
2019 The Story x3
2019 The Cure x3
2019 The Source x2
before taxes and shipping


We are happy to accomodate customizations and requests. If you would like to request changes to the winemaker's selection above, change your billing/shipping address, shipping type or date; please do so via written request before the end of Friday, September 24th.

Email: wineclub@copiavineyards.com




Fermented & aged in 40% new French oak
Central Coast

Vineyards: John Sebastiano Vineyard, Caliza & Denner Vineyards

Classic | $36     Premium | $31.50



Fermented & aged in stainless steel
Central Coast

Classic | $24     Premium | $21



Aged 20 months in 50% new French oak
Central Coast

Vineyards: Denner Vineyards, Alta Colina, Christy & Wise, Jespersen Ranch

Classic | $44     Premium | $38.50



Aged 20 months in 45% new French oak
Central Coast

Vineyards: Denner Vineyards, Alta Colina, Live Oak Ranch, Jespersen Ranch, John Sebastiano, Kimsey

Classic | $44     Premium | $38.50



Aged 20 months in 75% new French oak
Central Coast

Vineyards: Kimsey, John Sebastiano, Bien Nacido, Alta Colina, Live Oak Ranch, Denner Vineyards 

Classic | $52     Premium | $45.50


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Anita Sahi
September 3, 2021 | Anita Sahi

1st Fruit!

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Sarah Walter
August 29, 2021 | Sarah Walter

Happy Birthday, Sarah!

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Anita Sahi
August 23, 2021 | Anita Sahi

Destined for Sparkling

There she is: The first pick of 2021! Chardonnay destined for future Copia sparkling wine 🍾 

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Sarah Walter
August 19, 2021 | Sarah Walter

The Lounge

This new intimate space is for the wine and cheese lovers. Take a deep dive into the story, passion and winemaking behind Copia Vineyards.


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